Competencies to be acquired

Whatever their thesis topic will be, students acquire standard common competencies such as literature reviewing, hypothesis formulation and experimental design, scientific writing and critical interpretation of results. Linked to the thematic area of their research work, students gain specific competencies that might fall in different groups::

  • Plant Molecular Physiology
  • Arabidopsis Genetics
  • Plant Phenomics
  • Agrofood forensics
  • Agrofood Forensics

Research activities: topics generally available for Master of Science theses

  • Role of prolyl 4 hydroxylases in tomato and Arabidopsis growth and development
  • Arabidopsis genetics
  • Regulation of fruit ripening and Arabinogalactans
  • Agrofood forensics and development of biotechnological methodologies for authenticity and traceability
  • Genetic diversity assessment of horticultural crops
  • Olive genomics and transcriptomics
  • Molecular basis of abiotic stress response such as hypoxia