Director's welcome

As Director of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania,
I would like to welcome you all to CIHEAM IAMC and wish you a constructive period consolidating your knowledge and exploring new avenues for future research and career prospects.  CIHEAM IAMC is an international meeting point for research and development in the Mediterranean, demonstrating very strong links with first-class Universities, the global academic community and many renowned research institutes. It displays a highly competitive outlook in EU programmes. The results of the research carried out at the Institute are disseminated in internationally refereed journals and other renowned publications.

CIHEAM IAMC offers a high standard of education and research training, so that on leaving the Institute, its graduates continue to build their professional careers through full-time scholarships on PhD programs at leading universities, and prominent placements in a competitive marketplace. CIHEAM IAMC graduates can be found around the world holding top academic positions.

The campus of CIHEAM IAMC has been specifically designed to provide an atmosphere conducive for studies, and the Institute is well equipped to meet the high expectations of graduate research students and all its visitors. Besides its dedicated and highly qualified staff and hi-tech laboratories, the Institute is also complemented by the support facilities it offers to make everyone's stay here comfortable and pleasant. Fast WiFi internet connection is available throughout the campus, helping you to stay connected in global terms on a 24/7 basis. The Conference Centre conforms to the standards demanded by the international scientific community, using state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest levels of service.

CIHEAM IAMC caters not only for the academic side of your studies, but also for your recreational needs, providing facilities for various sports, including football, basketball and tennis. The dormitories and the Academic village are regularly inspected to meet the high accommodation standards required by international conference centers and the restaurant staff is trained in the use of fresh local seasonal produce that the island of Crete, the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet, has to offer.

The beautiful coastal resort town of Chania, with its colorful architecture and significant history, promotes a satisfying and relaxing environment for its visitors and residents. The island of Crete is the birthplace of European civilisation, which justifiably makes it one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations, while the over 5,500 years of continuous habitation of the city of Chania bestow upon it the title of the oldest city in the whole of Europe.

I look forward to seeing you and hearing about your experiences on and off campus.


Dr George Baourakis
Director of CIHEAM Chania