Action plan for gender equality

Gender equality is a guiding principle underpinning all the research, development, academic, and capacity-building activities of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (CIHEAM Chania), thus promoting equal opportunities for women and men and achieving a gender balance within a gender-friendly environment, while maximising the use of talent in the economy and society.

Thus, following the Institute’s organisational culture and the requirements set by the European Commission, CIHEAM Chania has developed a 4-year Gender Equality Plan (GEP) which includes four domains of intervention and a series of internal actions. The key aim of CIHEAM Chania’s GEP is to address a number of gender-related issues, to collect gendered data, to assure work-life balance, and to strengthen awareness raising.

In brief, the key areas of intervention/action in CIHEAM Chania’s GEP are: ·

  • Recruitment, Career Management and Work-Life Balance
  • Reshaping Decision-Making and Governance
  • Building a Gender Equality Culture and a Gender-Friendly Campus
  • Integration of Gender in Funding, Research and Teaching

You can read more about CIHEAM Chania gender equality plan in the two documents below:

  • Gender equality plan summary (PDF)
  • Gender equality plan full text (PDF)