The Mediterranean Plant Conservation Unit (MPCU) of CIHEAM Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania is dedicated to the study and conservation of native Mediterranean plants and to supporting educational and research activities of the M.Sc. programmes of CIHEAM Chania.

Main objectives

  • Conservation of native, rare, threatened and endemic flora, either by ‘ex situ conservation’ (i.e. in the Seed Bank or Botanical Garden) or by ‘in situ conservation’ (implementing measures to preserve the natural habitats and populations of plants, e.g. fencing, population reinforcement, re-introduction, Plant Micro-Reserves)
  • Studies and research on native Mediterranean plants (germination biology, ecology, geographical distribution, population assessment, assessment of Conservation Status, etc.)
  • Training on plant diversity and plant conservation methods for pre- and postgraduate students, technical and scientific personnel of other institutions with related activities (e.g. Forest Directorates, Management Bodies of protected areas, seed banks, etc.)
  • Increasing public awareness about the value of our natural heritage through the creation of a demonstrative Botanical Garden and Information Centre, the publication of brochures, leaflets, and audio-visual material
  • Networking with other plant conservation institutions