The Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (PMBB Lab) supports the research and academic activities of the Department of Horticultural Genetics & Biotechnology (HOB Department). The Head of the Department, Dr Panagiotis Kalaitzis (, is also the Director of the Laboratory.

The PMBB Lab has a dual role:
a) to support the research lines and the funded research and development projects of the HOB Department;
b) to support the Master of Science thesis research of the Department’s students.

The PMBB Lab is comprised of state-of-the-art research facilities which are updated and enriched constantly thanks to income from Greek and European grants of the HOB Department.

Laboratory facilities for Plant Molecular Biology, horticultural products quality, plant histology

We are fully equipped with all necessary facilities for conducting molecular biology research experiments.



The newest addition to the lab is the Hypoxia Workstation System (Oxford Optronix), which provides the capacity to create any low oxygen concentration with maximum precision for exposure of entire plants or tissues from any plant species (for example, tomato fruits or Arabidopsis plants).



Hypoxylab by Oxford Optronix

We have recently acquired a brand-new gas chromatography system (Nexis GC-2030) for the separation and detection of the chemical components of a sample mixture, to determine their presence or absence as well as quantity. It will be used mainly for ethylene production quantification.


SHIMADZU Nexis GC-2030 - Gas
Spectral imager PhenoCheck by QCELL



The lab also contains a portable PhenoCheck spectral imager (QCELL SA) which can display color images (reflection and fluorescence), spectral images, vegetation index heat maps and spectral maps for the ex-situ monitoring of abiotic stress before visible symptoms appear, and also for the precise monitoring of the stages of ripening.


BIORAD CFX Connect Real-time
PCR detection system


The lab also features two spectrophotometers which can measure the concentration of DNA, RNA and protein samples, in addition to other uses. Our PCR machines include a two ProFlexTM 3 x 32 -well PCR System (Thermo Fisher) for conventional PCR as well as two real time qPCR machines, AB StepOne and Biorad CFX96 connect which includes the Precision Melt Analysis software.


IMPLEN NanoPhotometer
ThermoScientific NanoDrop
Pearl One/OneC Microvolume
UV-Vis Specotphotometer


The lab also features a portable instrument for the ex-situ measurement of chlorophyll and a microtome.


BIOAIR TopSafe 1.2
Laminar flow cabinet
Leica RM 2155
Rotary Microtome
Leica TP1020 - Automatic
Tissue Processor


The lab’s resources also include:

  • precision scales
  • magnetic heaters and stirrers
  • shakers, incubators
  • water baths, a dry bath
  • autoclaves for sterilization
  • water purification systems for distilled as well as double distilled sterile water
  • microcentrifuges, a plate centrifuge for spinning down PCR plates
  • a cooling centrifuge with multiple rotors for optimal separation results allowing the usage of different tubes
  • multiple mini and maxi gel electrophoresis systems for horizontal electrophoresis
  • vertical electrophoresis of proteins
  • a gel documentation system for the observation of RNA, DNA and proteins suspended within polyacrylamide or agarose gels
Applied Biosystems ProFlex 3x
32-well PCR System
Aralab Fitoclima 1200 plant
growth chamber

Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus
Real time PCR system