The Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry at MAICh has been operating since 1992 as a laboratory for chemical analysis in the areas of natural products, foodstuffs of plant and animal origin and water. Since 2003, it is accredited by by the Hellenic Accreditation System – ESYD, since 2003, according to the standard ELOT EN ISO 17025:2005 (see Certificate No 128  and the annex to it) for the various analyses it performs in oils, honey and drinking water, and is active in the steady supply of analytical services to third parties.

The analyses for the quality control of food and water are mandated by the applicable national and European legislation, and they aim at:

  • consumer protection (with safe products for consumer health, carrying appropriate signage and information)
  • the protection of producers - processors - wholesalers from unfair competition (checking for the authenticity of products and addressing cases of fraud).

Through the provision of high quality analytical and consulting services for producers and processors of agricultural products, the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry at MAICh aims to contribute to the protection of the consumer as well as the local and regional development.

Analyses performed in the laboratoy

(asterisk * for the accredited analyses)


  • Pollen (microscopic) examination
  • Determination of diastase activity
  • Determination hydroxy-methyl-furfural (HMF)
  • pH, acidity
  • Determination of moisture content by refractometry*
  • Determination of electrical conductivity*
  • Separation of carbohydrates (fructose, glucose, sucrose)*

Vegetable fats and oils

  • Determination of free fatty acids, cold method*
  • Determination of the peroxide value*
  • Determination of the coefficients Κ232 and Κ270*
  • Oxidation resistance by Rancimat
  • Total polyphenols

Other foods of animal origin

  • Humidity
  • Fat content %

Olive pomace

  • Determination of oil content

Contact details

MAICh, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry

1, Makedonias Str., Alsyllio Agrokipiou, 73 100 Chania
Tel. +30 2821035056 / Fax +30 2821035001

Technical Manager: Mrs.Sofia Loupasaki (Chemist, M.Sc.) (,
Quality Manager: Mrs.Panagiota Gotsiou (Biologist, M.Sc.) (