The two-year MSc program in Business Economics and Management (BEM), values interdisciplinary approaches to learning and is dedicated to offering the best possible education and research training, to endow students with the knowledge and skills required for the competitive regional and global arena.

This advanced degree is geared towards highly qualified students who want to develop their knowledge relating to economics and management and who are committed and dedicated to become innovators in the academic and/or the entrepreneurial world. Our program provides a multinational, stimulating and supportive environment in which students can flourish.

We encourage and strongly support our students to pursue PhD studies with full scholarships. In the course of our history, more than fifty former students of the program are currently holding academic positions at well-known universities. M.Sc. graduates also constitute suitable employees in academia, research institutions, government and international agencies, local authorities and private businesses.

During the first year of the MSc program in BEM, students follow lectures, complemented by round-table discussions, case studies and power-point presentations. Our program’s hallmark is the quality of teaching staff who are faculty members in renowned universities in the EU, Canada, and the USA, at the forefront of their fields. Through a wide variety of modules, students receive solid theoretical knowledge and practical training on the basic principles of Quantitative Methods for data analysis and decision making, the Economics of Resource Allocation, the tools and methods of Operational and Financial Management, Agricultural Policy and Marketing Management. Field and computer laboratory exercises combined with the courses provide a more practical and tangible perspective and equip students with core competencies and the deep specialization required to succeed.

In the second part of the program (Master’s thesis), students satisfying the requirements set out by our academic regulations complete their postgraduate studies through the elaboration of scientific research work, applying the knowledge, methods and techniques acquired during their first year of specialization.