CIHEAM Chania, a constituent Institute of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), invites university graduates interested in applying for the following two-year Master of Science (MSc) Programs offered in the next academic year:

  • Business Economics and Management
  • Food Quality and Chemistry of Natural Products
  • Geoinformation in Environmental Management
  • Horticultural Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Sustainable Agriculture
CIHEAM Chania especially seeks highly qualified students holding a relevant university degree with a minimum four academic years (240 ECTS) and a very good command of the English language, who are committed and dedicated to develop their knowledge and become innovators in the academic and/or the entrepreneurial world. Our programs are designed on the basis of international educational standards, focusing on providing advanced up-to-date theoretical knowledge and developing research skills. They are devised to foster initiative and collaboration, and are implemented in a modern, transnational, intercultural and supportive environment where students can thrive.

Our advanced degree is geared towards highly qualified and ambitious students from Mediterranean and European countries who want to develop their knowledge and who are committed and dedicated to becoming innovators in the academic, research and/or the entrepreneurial world. Our programs instill an international mindset in talented and highly qualified individuals educated in diverse backgrounds and disciplines, and foster an attitude of autonomous, critical and informed reflection.

All courses are taught exclusively in English. Moreover we take great pride in the hallmarks of our program, especially in terms of:

  1. The quality of teaching staff who are faculty members in renowned universities in the EU, Canada, and the USA, at the forefront of their fields. These professors and research staff constitute a thriving academic community working to advance your knowledge and expertise.
  2. Our ability to respond to individual student needs, building personal relationships with our students and creating a vibrant alumni community, along with strong ties with a large number of academic and research institutes all around the world.

Full scholarships (including tuition fees, board and accommodation) are given to 4-5 university graduates from your country to follow the Master of Science Programs offered.

The Greek government recently recognized the MSc diplomas awarded by CIHEAM (International Center of Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies) as equivalent to the postgraduate diplomas of the Greek public higher education institutions (Government Gazettes: 142/Α/03-08-2018 and 111/Α/12-06-2020).

Our ambition is for our students to deepen their knowledge, critical understanding, applied skills, and capacity to analyze and evaluate, as well as to implement advanced research, so that they are able to contribute towards specific key issues concerning the Mediterranean agriculture, food systems, environment, rural development and other related topics. We believe that our MSc graduates maximize the return of investment not only for their own interests but also for the mutual benefit of their countries.

Many of our alumni are currently holding esteemed positions in academic institutes such as the Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA; Univ of Regina, CA; Univ of Ege, TR; Maastricht Univ, NL; Univ of Reading, UK, etc. and/or research organizations, government management bodies, aid programs, local authorities, as well as positions in the private sector. More than 300 former CIHEAM-MAICh MSc graduates have accomplished or are in the process of finishing a PhD degree on full scholarship in many universities all around the world, while many of them are now faculty members in prestigious universities in their countries and elsewhere.