Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

CIHEAM and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have been collaborating on various projects since 1977. They strengthened their cooperative ties under an agreement signed at the UN agency’s headquarters in Rome on 8 January 2009. They undertook to intensify their collaboration on traditional food, protection of forests, modernisation of irrigation and plant disease management techniques and quarantine measures. 

The 23 of October 2015, FAO and CIHEAM renewed their partnership built on more than 35 years of collaboration and reaffirmed shared goals to enhance food security, nutrition and sustainable agricultural development in the Mediterranean region, especially through better sharing ideas, experiences and analyses.

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The partnership between the two organizations has led to the realization of joint collaboration projects (MEDITERRA 2016 to be published) and to the realization of joint events. 

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