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The foremost flagship initiative in Greece

Project Summary

The Venture

Olive Roads is the promotion of the cooperation of the country's human resources and infrastructures, in order to highlight the qualitative characteristics of Greek varieties and olive oil.


The new research network "Olive Roads" was established at the initiative of the Research and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Education and Science in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.


The tracing, promotion, identification and certification of olive varieties and the improvement of edible olives' and olive oil's production processes.


The development of the Greek countryside, the support of local producers and the consumers' protection. At the same time, emphasis is placed on plant protection and the fight against important "enemies" of the olive tree at the holistic sequencing of the genomes of the "Koroneiki" and "Hondrolia Halkidiki" olive varieties.

Source of funding : The Flagship Action of Olive Roads is funded by national resources through the Public Investment Program of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology
Total budget : 236 171,00 €