Food safety management


Food safety is a multidisciplinary science. However food safety management is the central core since the ultimate purpose is to protect the consumers and the reputation of the business. The scope of this module is to educate the students about the current state of the art for food safety and consumer protection.


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Learning Outcomes

the students will be able to understand all the aspects of food safety recognize food born hazards contact a hazard analysis in food process contact an HACCP plan for food process understand the certification demands for food safety management systems understand the food safety objective and public health policy benchmark food companies upon food safety get familiar with food safety legislation  


day 1st. Food safety concepts. Food born hazards (biological, chemical, physical, allergens) day 2nd. Principles of HACCP. Steps for HACCP implementation day 3rd. Food safety management systems (ISO 22000, BRC, IFS etc) day 4th. Food safety legislation. Food safety objectives and public health day 5th. Food safety benchmarking. Case studies  

Content Delivery

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Coursework And Assignment Details

Teaching hours: 25, divided in 5 days Auditorium: plain, with maximum capacity 50 students Multimedia: video projector and loudspeakers, internet connection, e-class platform Assignments: group works Examination: written upon key topics Scoring: 70-80% examination papers, 30-20% assignments