Products of appellation of origin - online


to provide background in food authentication to provide experience in origin denomination through physicochemical fingerprinting      


University knowledge in chemistry (Chemists, agronomists, biologists, food technologists)

Learning Outcomes

The students are expected to learn about the various discrimination/ authenticity techniques based on chemical profiles of specific marker compounds students will learn about detection of food and drink adulteration      


PDO, PGI, TSG ·        Essentials of Principal Component Analysis ·        Honey ·        Vegetal oils ·        Isotope Ratio Mass Spectroscopy ·        Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ·        Infra Red spectroscopy ·        Various other techniques (Raman, UV-Vis, Fluorescence, etc)  

Content Delivery

Interactive PPT presentation lecturing Examination through PPT case study presentations per student  

Coursework And Assignment Details

The lecturing is based on an interactive presentation of the topics. Slide by slide, new knowledge is imparted and old recalled The assignments count for examinations and they case studies prepared by the students and presented in the class on PPT