Chemistry of terpenoids and essential oils


to provide sufficient background in the biosynthesis, chemical characteristics and sources of the different classes of terpenoids. to provide background on the chemistry, methods of preparation, methods of analysis, biological activities and commercial value of essential oils. Provide experience, in laboratory scale, on the synthesis of simple terpenoid molecules.      


Lab training, organic chemistry

Learning Outcomes

After completing the unit, attendees will:   have a thorough knowledge on the chemistry of terpenoids. have the theoretical background on the preparation of essential oils and have the basic knowledge for the analysis of their chemical composition.    


The course will start with an introduction on the chemical nature on natural products in general and more specific on terpenes. The classes and structural differences will be discussed along with their distribution and ecological roles. The biological importance, applications and commercial value of terpenoids will be analysed.  The biosynthesis of this class will be presented and exercises will be worked out in the class. The different classes of terpenoids will be presented and attention will be given to their differences and special applications. Essential oils will be presented along with their methods of extraction and a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Methods of analyses will be presented along with brief discussion of the analytical methods required. Commercial value and applications of Essential oils will be presented. A lab session will be arranged for the preparation of a simple volatile aromatic terpenoids.  

Content Delivery

Besides the class presentation effort will be given to discuss, at the end of each day, with the students the material taught and ensure that there are no gaps in the delivered knowledge.  

Coursework And Assignment Details

The evaluation of the student performance in the course will be based on the written exam grades.