Educational sequence

The programme of Geoinformation in Environmental Management is organized in 7 Units ( 60.0 ECTS).

ENM510.41515.0 GIS & Spatial Statistics (10.0 ECTS)
11 Oct 2021 - 19 Nov 2021Content:
Introduction to Statistics
Geographical Information Systems
Applied Spatial Analysis
ENM530.21515.0 Remote sensing and image processing (11.0 ECTS)
22 Nov 2021 - 10 Jan 2022Content:
Remote Sensing
Digital Image Analysis - online
Basic Geodesy and Digital Photogrammetry - online
ENM520.5915.0 Management of Mediterranean Ecosystems (9.0 ECTS)
10 Jan 2022 - 11 Mar 2022Content:
Introduction to the Mediterranean Environment
Landscape Ecology
Agriculture Modeling under Climate Change
ENM550.3814.0 Environmental Assessment Processes (8.0 ECTS)
14 Feb 2022 - 04 Mar 2022Content:
Environmental Legislation
Environmental Assessment Theory
Environmental Assessment Applications
ENM540.51017.0 Advanced Remote Sensing Topics (9.0 ECTS)
11 Apr 2022 - 08 Jun 2022Content:
Radar and Lidar Applications
Remote Sensing of Urban Environments
ICTs for Agriculture and Water Resources Management
ENM560.1 Specialised Topics in Geoinformation Applications (10.0 ECTS)
21 Mar 2022 - 24 Jun 2022Content:
Decision support systems using GIS
Environmental modeling
Scientific Writing on GIS/RS case studies
ENM500.1312.0 Extended Essay (3.0 ECTS)
30 - 30 Jun 2022Content:
Extended essay
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