Agro-food Policy and CAP


Students will get familiar with the agro-food sector peculiarities and main policies implemented by governments and institutions.


A basic knowledge of economics

Learning Outcomes

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The course first underlines the significance and role of the agro-food systems and identifies main obstacles and problems which require interventions either by national government or by international institutions.  Then, the main agricultural policies employed by governments and institutions are described and the expected effects are analyzed.   In addition, an historical overview of the CAP is given and the reasoning of main reforms is tackled.  Also, the decision – making process is presented and the main current policies are examined. Finally, experiences of policy implementations are given from EU and Mediterranean Countries Particularly current issues like food safety and food security, price fluctuations  and sustainability will be presented and discussed  

Content Delivery

Indicated literature and books Student notes Power point presentation and class discussions  

Coursework And Assignment Details

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