Agricultural marketing


To explain how the special characteristics of the markets for, and marketing of, agricultural and food products have led governments to develop policies directed towards improving the performance of agricultural and food product markets.


This will focus on basics of Agricultural Economics with a gretaer emphasis on marketing

Learning Outcomes

We examine the various ways products get to from farm to fork and how government policies impact that movement. 


Background to Agricultural Policy             We will examine the basics of Ag econ, common Agricultural policy nd Marketing The Objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy             This section will use the five objectives of the CAP specified in article 39 of the Treaty of Rome as a way of illustrating the potential problems which can emerge from free agricultural markets.  This will cover productivity improvement and its implications for agricultural product prices; the development of an income problem for agriculture in a rapidly growing economy and the need for structural reform; the causes of, problems associated with, and potential solutions to, agricultural product price instability; self-sufficiency, food security, and recent concerns over high food prices.                   What is “food policy” and what distinguishes it from agricultural policy?  “Market failure” as an explanation for reasons for Government intervention in the food system.  Food policy mechanisms. Food Labelling Case Study. Food safety, food sovereignty.      Marketing and Agriculture             In this final section of the course we will explore in depth: the notion of local food markets and the positioning of farmers in the supply chain of the agri-food sector; innovative marketing strategies; the application of market segmentation and product position as a way of improving the marketing of agricultural products.      

Content Delivery

Primarily throuugh class lecture and discusion

Coursework And Assignment Details

The grade will be based on classromm contribution and a final project/