Strategic management


to understand the basic principles of good management to learn how to start a new company to  learn how to develop a differentiated strategy and how to implement it to understand how to grow a company and what obstacles would have to be overcome to learn how to expand abroad or diversify into new industries to appreciate and develop the soft skills of leading people.    


Bachelor’s degree and basics of economics.

Learning Outcomes

The students will learn the most relevant analytical techniques that they can use to analyse industries in order to develop a differentiated strategy for a firm.  They will also learn the most frequent problems of implementing strategy and how to avoid them (or overcome them). Students will also learn the strategies that firms use to grow—namely, diversification, international expansion and strategic innovation.  They will be able to assess how to use each strategy and what problems to overcome. Finally, students will learn how modern capitalism functions, how the stock market operates and what pressures firms face as a result.          


Our goal in this course is to understand the basic principles of good management—how do you start a new company; how you develop and implement its strategy; how to grow the company; and how to be a leader in this company.  The course will also introduce you to the functional specialties of a company, in particular Marketing and Finance.    

Content Delivery

We will use real company examples to bring out the key concepts.  Delivery will be through lectures, PP slides and videos.  We will use in-class exercises to apply the concepts learned.      

Coursework And Assignment Details

Students will be given pre-course reading to do.  They will be given in-class exercises and will take a two-hour exam at the end of the course.