Thumb androcymbium

Management actions to achieve Favourable Conservation Status for the priority plant species of the Habitats Directive Androcymbium rechingeri Greuter (1842) in Greece

Project Summary

The plant Androcymbium rechingeri is characterised as threatened at national and international level. In Crete it is found in 4 localities in West Crete. The aim of the project is to achieve Favourable Conservation Status (FV) for this priority plant species according to the Habitats Directive on the beaches of West Crete where the subpopulations of the species are located in Greece. In particular, the project will implement management actions to address the pressures and threats that degrade the subpopulations so as to improve both the Conservation Status of the Habitat and the Favourable Future Perspectives for the species. The actions that will be implemented include: 

  • Fencing for the removal of pressures and threats which have negative impacts on the species
  • Ex situ conservation of the species in the Seed Bank of MAICh
  • In situ conservation with reintroductions and reinforcement of the population where necessary.
  • Communication and training.

The project is implemented in collaboration with the Decentralized Administration of Crete, Forest Directorate of Chania, and the Management Body of Samaria-West Crete.

Duration: April 2020 - May 2022


Project leaflet


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MAICh, Mediterranean Plant Conservation Unit - Greece

Source of funding : National Green Fund Funding Programme “NATURAL ENVIRONMENT & INNOVATIVE ACTIONS 2020”, PRIORITY AXIS 1: Biodiversity Conservation Actions
Programme and Contact references : Christini Fournaraki, e-mail:, tel.: +30 28210 35053
Total budget : 80 000,00 €
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