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Investigating conservation possibilities of the unique genetic material of chestnut in the Perfecture of Chania (Western Crete) through the protection of the genetoytpe of local varieties and the enjancement of the marketability of chestnut. Pilot application
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Project Summary

The main objective of this research project is the preservation of the chestnut trees in the mountainous and upland areas of the Perfecture of Chania, by protecting them from various invasive pests and diseases, mainly related to the import of genetic material for propagation, and by the conservation of the local varieties against genetic erosion. Key actions foreseen are the identification of an integrated environmentally friendly management system for chestnut trees in the area and the design and implementation of actions highlighting the beneficial properties of chestnut and leading to a higher competitiveness and marketability on a national and European level.

Total budget : 120 000,00 €