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Erasmus+ OER-arD “Developing Open Educational Resources and Blended Modules for Agriculture and Rural Development”
// Erasmus+ OER-arD //

Project Summary

OER-arD aims to enhance human capacity by contributing to the creation of a critical number of experts and on-line OER tools for use by farmers and rural communities in order to increase agricultural production through sustainable means that ensure environmental protection.

Extension specialists in plant production and plant protection, and organic farmers will gain experience in the application of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Organic Farming Principles at a farm level, as applied in other regions. Members of the consortium will join forces with higher education institutes (HEI) to create short-term courses on key topics in organic agriculture (such as organic principles and integrated pest management), to facilitate practical transfer of know-how.

Additionally the consortium HEI partners will develop the following tools:

  • an on-line calculator for fertilizer application in accordance with crop specifics
  • a pesticide data-base registered for use in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

In response to target group demand, these tools will be accessible through Windows, iOs and Android platforms for mobile phones

The following activities have been scheduled to further promote the development of human potential:

  • Development of guidelines for, and blended learning courses on :
    • Steps to successfully perform soil sampling
    • Plant protection and IPM
    • Use of organic waste to obtain organic manure
    • Organic honey production
    • Organic production, from A-Z
Partners :
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Goce Delcev University - Macedonia (FYROM)
  • Agricultural University Plovdiv - Bulgaria
  • Department of Sustainable Agriculture, MAICh - Greece
  • Federation of Organic Producers - Macedonia (FYROM)