ICTs for Agriculture and Water Resources Management


Provide an overview and explore the emerging field of digital transition of agriculture Present the technologies underpinning the digitalisation of agriculture (enabling technologies) Present the challenges and opportunities regarding the digitalisation Present and assess used cases of digital farming


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Learning Outcomes

Have an overall view on digital agriculture Identify and distinguish technologies for digital transition of agriculture Know applications of each technology Understand the opportunities, challenges brought about by digitalisation in agriculture Understand how organisations and individuals should prepare to reap the benefits


Introduction Current trends in agriculture industry, The history of agricultural revolution, Digital agriculture - Smart farming - Agriculture 4.0, Digital farming in Europe Enabling technologies Robotics, Drone technology, Internet of things, Big data analytics, Cloud computing, Digital Twins and Cyber physical systems Digitalisation of the agriculture value chain Blockchain - Securing the agriculture value chain, Food sharing and crouwdfarming Challenges to adoption Use cases of digital farming Greenhouses, Precision agriculture, Traceability of agri-products

Content Delivery

Lectures: Theoretical foundations and practical aspects are presented in class during lecture

Coursework And Assignment Details

Individual report and presentation assignment.