Basic Geodesy and Digital Photogrammetry


Familiarise students with the basic theory of Geodesy History of measurements Coordinate systems Cartographic Projections  Surveying measurements and theory  Surveying instruments GPS and satellite measurements Introduction to digital photogrammetry Overview of the course and the aims of Photogrammetric measurements History and instruments Principles of Photogrammetry (mathematical model of colinearity equation) Frame cameras and digital sensors Satellite imagery Creation of DTM and Orthoimages


Basic mathematics and image processing knowledge

Learning Outcomes

During the course the students have learned to refer an aerial or satellite image to ground space and make all the appropriate preparation to make an accurate Digital Map using stereoscopic frame camera images or satellite scenes The students will be able to guide a surveyor to take measurements of a land region, acquire the appropriate imagery and perform a photogrammetric project outcoming digital mapping products and solutions


The students are introduced to the theory of geodesy and the extraction of reliable geometric information from scanned aerial photographs and satellite imagery using a specific photogrammetric software application (Leica Photogrammetry Suite) installed on the labs computers. The basic concept of measurements using either conventional instruments or modern GPS devices is used in order to define: a ground coordinate system or projection calibration of the sensor the relation of the image coordinate systems with the ground coordinate system (exterior orientation of images) relative orientation of images Forward resection to provide DTM points Creation of ortho images Accuracy assessment of products

Content Delivery

The deliverables are solutions and products acquired by geodetic measurements and photogrammetric processing of images. The students must have learnt basic geodetic and photogrammetric processing theory but also practice on these material (images and Coordinates systems and results).

Coursework And Assignment Details

The students are introduced in the theory of geodesy and geodetic measurements The students have to learn the use of photogrammetric processing software LPS (Leica Photogrammetry Suitte) that will provide a 3D geographic products such as DEM and Orthoimages They are assigned to perform the orientations of stereoscopic frame images and satellite images The final outcome consists of a DEM and Orthoimages from photogrammetric projects A complete demonstration is preceding on every assignment given to the studens A final examination project is realised on the last day of the courses  Paper exams is given on a specific day after the courses’ week